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We provide manufacturing and wholesale sales of agricultural machinery and equipment. We also manufacture and distribute electrohydraulic systems for farm, ranch and small acreages.

Starting with our first RemoteMaster hydraulic multiplier, Fasse Valves has led the field in economical and reliable solutions for everyday electro-hydraulic needs. From our multipliers to live directional valves, wiring harnesses, and controls, Fasse Valves remains the choice of users, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), and dealers alike.

Our innovative designs and robust products provide the ultimate in simplicity and rugged reliability, all at affordable prices. Choose one of our custom integrated circuit manifolds off the shelf. Or let our engineering staff help design one for your application. Fasse Valves is the partner to choose when it comes to complete Electro-Hydraulic valves packages.

Timing is Everything

Since 1954, we have farmed the fertile ground of the Platte River Valley in one way or another. When not in the field, we sold, serviced and reinvented everything from Baldor motors to sprockets, irrigation pipe to Lilliston spider gang cultivators. We also offered complete millwright services as well as built Behlen buildings and one of the very first ethanol plants. We patented the Pathfinder Freedom Drive, tractor guidance system and in 1987 at the World Ag Expo in Tulare California, we tried to market our hydraulic top link. That attempt failed because tractors didn’t have enough outlets to run it. Still Pioneering.

About Us
About Us

Seeing is Believing

A perceptive John Deere service manager viewed the add-on system, recognized the hidden value and asked, “Can I just buy that electric over hydraulic valve used in your display without the top link?” The astute salesman, who is now chairman of the board, didn’t hesitate, made the sale, and kept on pioneering. Advantage Fasse.

A New Vision

We then decided to also provide quality electric over hydraulic systems for real-world problems faced by farmers everywhere. The presence of 12 or 24 volt DC power on virtually all off-road mobile equipment and ever increasing hydraulic intensive applications could be solved by relatively new solenoid cartridge valve technology along with a harness and control. Value Added.

About Us
About Us


National attention poured in with farmers and dealers calling us directly to buy the Remote Plus, the closed center directional valve that had been used to run the top link. In the meantime, we had engineered a universal hydraulic multiplier that would plug into most tractors, and the mobile agricultural market soon validated the Remote Master, in ever increasing numbers. Definitely Electrohydraulics.

Bulls Eye

We went from 189 dealers to over 7,000 in North America in the first five years alone with over tenfold growth. Partnering with dealers and OEM’s much like ourselves, we designed many field-proven products creating exciting opportunities. Give em’ what they want.

About Us

A Message from the President:

All business is in perpetual motion. There is no neutral ground. Change is a fundamental part of life and business. Fasse Valves is focused on those value building processes that help manage change such as increasing our customers’ abilities to serve their customers, increasing revenue sources, reducing current and future costs and risks, and helping the customer to grow new products and opportunities for improved quality.

As creatures of habit, most people don’t really like change, but we do like having choices. I’ve frequently been asked how I could choose to go from being a counseling psychologist to “selling tractor parts.” At that time I wanted an adventure as a big fish in a small pond. I’ve since learned that it is still all about adding value and creating choices for people.

We do sell tractor parts alright, as well as electrohydraulic systems for sprayers, backhoes, combines, forklifts, graders, loaders, planters, scrapers, tree spades, snow plows, balers, windrowers, trucks, and more. We also sell faster cycle times so you don’t miss your kid’s ballgame, precision depth control to increase yields and help feed the world, water conservation that you can access from your mobile phone, remote line of sight actuation for improved safety, sequential deployment of booms to automate field to transport modes, smart tracking, and so much more.

This real world framework is grounded by our innovational and technological know-how. Fasse Valves seeks long-term relationships with OEM’s that want to benefit from the security of our expertise, resource base, and learning curves. Combine our commitment and dedication with your productivity and profitability and we have a winning partnership.

For all their importance, products, processes, and technology mean little without the right people behind them. Fasse is fortunate in this regard. Our emphasis on building value-added relationships has earned us a loyal customer following, as well as a dedicated team of employees. We look forward to sharing our values of telling the truth, being fair, keeping our promises, respecting the individual, and encouraging intellectual curiosity.

A real person still answers the phone here at Fasse Valves and will direct you to our most valuable resource, people, who can and will make a difference in your life, one (or more) tractor parts at a time, offering you real world solutions.

Kurt Dannehl
President & CEO

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Fasse Integrated Solutions Approach allows all sizes of manufacturers to greatly reduce engineering costs.